Saturday, December 24, 2011

just a few more hours.....

....If you haven't entered to win the Annie Sloan Chalk paint giveaway better do it fast!!
We will be drawing a name later this evening!!

While you are waiting for us to draw the name, here are a couple of fun things to do this evening while you wait for Santa...  (even if you don't have kids!)

You can watch Santa's whereabouts on NORAD.
You can check on your computer and see where he is and how close he is to getting to your house!!

Here is the story of  NORAD...from ABC news.....
On Christmas Eve, children all around the world will lie awake  wondering if, at any moment, Santa Claus will slide down their chimneys and leave the presents of their dreams. But all they really have to do is call in or go online to find out where Santa and his team of reindeers are at any given moment.
Every year, the North American Aerospace Defense Command tracks Santa’s journey around the world, using radar, satellite, fighter aircraft and, of course, a “Santa Cam.”
The tradition began as so many do – by accident. In 1955, a little girl who saw a Sears and Roebuck ad called in to what she thought was a Talk-to-Santa hotline. But she did not hear Santa Claus on the other end of the line.
Instead, she heard Col. Harry Shoup. He was working in the CONAD ops center (NORAD’s predecessor) and was shocked to hear a child’s voice. According to a NORAD spokesperson, John Cornelio, only two people had the number for that line – the president and the four-star  ommander.
As it turned out, the department store had printed the wrong number in the ad and alas, a  tradition was born.
“It’s the innocence of the story that makes it so special,” Cornelio said. And Harry Shoup was given a new title- he is known as  Santa Colonel.
Since that innocent phone call more than 50 years ago, NORAD tracks Santa’s progress around the globe, year after year.
To track his journey this Christmas Eve, you can visit the NORAD website, or call in to 877-HI-NORAD.
The NORAD Santa Tracker also uses social media to connect with Santa enthusiasts. NORAD has Facebook  and Twitter pages, and a youtube channel. And this year, for the first time, NORAD has a smart phone application for Andriod and iPhone users.
Another fun thing to do is at Capture the Magic website.
You can take a picture of your house and insert Santa's picture!  So your house, your tree, and there are a ton of poses you can put in.  My hubby and I had so much fun doing this last night.  We will be leaving the pictures next to the milk and cookies tonight!
Here is one of the pictures we took!  Looks pretty real doesn't it?!!  We will take another picture tonight after Santa delivers all the gifts!!

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