Sunday, December 4, 2011

give me a hand

Here are a few of the hands I got over the weekend.
We found some great old mannequin hands.
You can always use another hand!!

We also got some great glove vintage glove mold hands.
The glove mold hands are made of resin and make great chalkboards to write messages.  
These are listed on our Etsy shop if you want one!


  1. love the mannequin hands, have the perfect idea for them.

  2. Iam a fan of Annie Sloan Chalk paint, so I have followed your blog, Annie Sloan's Blog, Posted on My blog: and facebooked about it. I'll do all this just to add to my stash of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I am even giving some Clear wax to a friend as a Christmas Gift. Can't tell you how hard it is to part with. This next year I am embarking on a new venture with two friends, we are opening a new shop. I'll be selling...what else....Furniture redone with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!