Thursday, December 1, 2011

crackerjacks memories

Does anyone remember when Cracker Jacks had real treasures inside?
 "Back in the day".... i remember when opening a box a Cracker Jacks was like opening a treasure chest.  
Sometimes you would get a great treasure, sometimes not so much...
This past weekend I found a necklace that was made from some of those Cracker Jacks treasures from many years past...
We will be listing this treasure in our Etsy shop later this week.
I'm sure the previous owner of these Cracker Jacks treasures wore them proudly!


  1. They were fun treasures, Linda! Now, they're so cheesy- who wants 'em? Cute little necklace. :-)

  2. I love your ideas!! Thought you might like to check out my blog !! Just posted a blog on thrifty holiday decorating.

    Robyn Smyles

  3. I love your blog, just became a follower. Would like to be entered in the drawing for the chalk paint.