Sunday, June 5, 2011

time to slow down and smell the roses...

So, I have not been blogging lately as I have had a bit of a health set back.  All is fine.
I just got out of the hospital yesterday.  
That is the longest I have ever had to be in the hospital.  I now have about 8 weeks recuperating time.  
All is fine, I will just need to slow down for a couple months.  
Slowing down is something I am not used to doing.  At all.  
As I sit outside this morning on the deck I am observing things I have never observed before today.  
First I have a wonderful home to recuperate in....
a beautiful pond to sit near, gorgeous gardens to look at....
 My husband did so many things to make it nice for me while I recuperate.  He built me this lovely gazebo on the deck, so I could sit outside and not be in the hot sun.

He installed irrigation to all my gardens, urns and flower boxes so I wouldn't have to worry about watering things.

This morning I sit out here and listen to the sounds.  The many songbirds calling to each other.  The tree frogs chirping, the bull frogs in the pond.  The hummingbirds and bees buzzing by.

I spend my every waking minute either working at work or working on the house to get our place to look good, but I have never had the time to just sit and enjoy it.
Now I can!

So I will now take time to enjoy the beauty, peace and calmness of our country home.
This should also give me more time to blog, and visit other peoples blogs!


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon Lynda! Take care of yourself! You are so blessed to have such a loving husband and amazing home and surroundings as you recuperate! Thinking of you!


  2. Hi Linda I sure hope you feeling better !
    The photos of your home and grounds are just lovely !
    Would love to have you over for a visit when you are feeling up for it !
    Take care !!

  3. You do have a really lovely home and a very special husband! Take care of yourself and enjoy the beauty around you!~Hugs, Patti

  4. What a beautiful setting to recuperate in! Get well soon

  5. Wishing you a restful recovery...take care!