Monday, June 20, 2011

nothing cuter...

My sister asked me why I haven't been posting lately. 
I guess, not much is happening in my life right now, as I am laying pretty low and recuperating.
One thing I have enjoyed watching is this little pair of kittens that were recently born in our garage.
We had a little black kitten arrive late last Fall and she started living in our garage.  We thought  that she would be a good mouser.  She was a little skittish but warmed up and let us pet her every now and then.
Then another black cat appeared.  This one was a bit more fluffy and was very skittish.
Then this Spring we heard a little "mew" from behind the freezer.  Since then mommy has been taking really good care of the kittens.  They are fat little dumplings.  I seriously don't think there is anything cuter out there than baby kittens....

.... except maybe my kids :)


  1. Oh So Sweet! We have 3 older cats that showed up a few weeks ago. . .together! What's with that? Two are so tame I can pet them so of course I had to feed them. Now they consider us home. Gotta love them.