Saturday, February 12, 2011

sissy is having a baby!

My little sister is having a baby!!  Well, kind of...
My little sister had cancer a few years ago, so she was not able to carry a baby herself, so she has been patiently waiting while her baby has been growing in her surrogates belly!
This past weekend we had a surprise baby shower for her!
I got to meet the lovely lady that is my sisters surrogate.  
She really is an angel sent here from heaven.  To do this, so another can have a child, is simply angelic.  She is a lovely, sweet, beautiful girl and I was thrilled to meet her and thank her for doing this for my sister and her husband.
It was amazing that we were able to keep this shower as a surprise, partly that the date has had to move several times over the past few weeks for different reasons.
I am so excited for her and her husband!!
I can't wait to meet this little one!!


  1. Congrats are in order for your sister! It's simply amazing what some people will do so unselfishly for others. Big kudos to the surrogate who is doing this for your sister and her husband. :-)

  2. WOw, this brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful thing to do for another person. I hope all goes well. Enjoy that new baby.