Monday, February 28, 2011


We went picking last Saturday.  My husband and I have gotten into kind of a routine this winter.  
Friday night we do bills and get caught up on our TV from the week (American Idol, Pawn Stars, Auction Kings, American Pickers, Storage Wars, Modern Family, The Office, The Bachelor (yes I'm addicted!)
Then on Saturday we do a date, where we go pickin' for the next Sale.  
Either a flea market, an auction, or our favorite stores.  
Sometimes the kids want to come along, sometimes they have other things to do.  
Then on Sundays we do our crafting, setting up, painting etc.
This past Saturday I found this basket of chandelier crystals at a flea market.
Being the chandelier fanatic that I am, I am always in need of crystals when I refurbish my lights.
I asked the gentleman how much he wanted for the whole basket.  I think I caught him off gaurd, as usually they are sold individually for $1-2 each crystal.  He thought for a minute and said "how about $100?"  My heart was racing and I called my hubby over and he said "do you really need any more crystals?" (buzz kill)  
I said "YES!  I always need crystals, besides I think there is surely at least 100 crystals in this basket, so that is an ok deal."  
I asked the gentleman if he would take $90?  Yes!  Score!
On the way home we each took a guess at how many crystals there were in the basket.  Kind of like the jelly beans in the jar kind of thing.
My husband guessed 152.  I guessed 174.  We were both wrong!
There were over 500 crystals in that basket!


  1. You did good girl! Great find!!
    Thanks for following us...we so enjoy visiting your blog and your talent!

    xo Glad & Celia