Tuesday, February 15, 2011

isn't she lovely?

Isn't she lovely?  I found this lovely statute at a recent auction.  There was a gentleman that knew a little history about her and shared what he knew.  
She was one of 4 statues of the 4 seasons.  She is either spring or summer.  She has a birds nest in one hand and flowers in the other.  She stands about 7 foot tall on a pedestal.
She once was on a hilltop overlooking a garden in southern Ohio.
I'm not sure what happened to her three sisters....
I can't decide if I am going to sell her in the Spring sale or if she will be going into one of my gardens this spring. 
I have really been trying to clean my gardens up recently, taking a lot of the ornamental things out for a more modern cleaned up look, but she sure would make a statement, wouldn't she?....


  1. She is truly a beauty!! I think you should keep her and enjoy!

  2. She needs a crown and some jewelry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!To chase away the winter darkness.