Sunday, February 20, 2011

in search of this dog!

I watched the Westminster Dog Show the other night and fell head over heels in love with this dog!
Its called a Puli.  There is another dog out there that is similar in looks but much bigger call a Komondor.  
They look like mops!  How cute is he?
In researching this dog, I found that Mark Zuckerburg is also in search of both of these dogs!
I think he has a little more money to spend than I do! 
Besides, I don't think my little Cairn Terrier, Cooper, would be happy with me if I brought this little mop home! 


  1. Very cute...I always liked them too...
    I Love that shot of the black one jumping the funny!

  2. They're beautiful, a friend of mine is a breeder of Puli's so I see them all the time, she also has a Komondor, he is a phenomenal guard dog, the white are the Koms, the Pulis are black tell Mark to contact me and I can hook him up with Linda she is also a vet so her dogs are top quality. Myself, I believe is rescue dogs from shelters and humane societies but if I had the money for a registered breed maybe I would feel differently.

  3. Linda, You have a cairn? We had a brindle who, as he aged, got darker like a scottie. Everyone actually thought he WAS one. He was a sweetheart and I still miss having him around. Maybe I'll get to see Cooper during our next trip up to your sale!
    BTW... this Puli really does look like an industrial mop! LOL I wouldn't want to groom him....

  4. cairn terriers are the best!!! you are so lucky to have one! That Puli is very interesting....I wonder if they get hot? Mark Zuckerberg can probably afford a few litters!! I just watched The Social Network when I was gave me a whole new view of facebook!

    I bet Cooper would adjust to a new friend!!

  5. Hey Linda {again},

    I just wanted to let you know that the Hatchery sign sold on Saturday. Didn't want you to make a trip to see it and have it gone.