Friday, August 13, 2010

Sweet Corn Season!

Home from vacation!
Always good to leave, but always good to be home!
I was afraid we were going to miss sweet corn season. But thank goodness there is still a lot of sweet corn out there. The first thing I did when I got home was find a local farm stand and got 7 dozen ears of corn.
I remember when I was little, my grandma and mom would plan a weekend of "putting up" corn.
They would get dozens and dozens of sweet corn and work together, husking, blanching and cutting the corn off the cob and putting into containers that went into the freezer to pull out during the winter to have that wonderful fresh sweet corn!
When they were done cutting it off the cob, I would always grab the cobs and nibble off whatever corn was left on the ends. Sweet corn is still my favorite food to this day!
If you want to "put up" some sweet corn this summer , it's easy.
Get your corn fresh - ask the farmers market if was picked today. Its always better to put up fresh corn rather than store bought.

Shuck the corn - get your family to help in this process!
Put into boiling water - let it cook about 5 mins.
I usually have a pot of cold water to plop the corn in to to get it to cool down quicker.

Using a knife - cut the corn as close to the cob as possible. When you are done take the knife over the cob to get all the sweet juices out.
Give cob to your daughter (or son) to nibble off the rest of the corn on the end!
Put into freezer bags and wait until the winter and pull out the wonderful taste of fresh summer sweet corn! It is especially nice on Thanksgiving day to serve garden sweet corn!
I got about 30 bags from this batch of corn- that's thirty dinners with fresh sweet corn!


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