Tuesday, August 10, 2010

longest yard sale... part four

We were heading down 127 in southern Tennessee and I found what I had been looking for the whole trip - a vintage greeting card holder. I want to use it to display my jewelry on. I really thought I wasn't going to find one. I had challenged the kids to be on the look out for one . If one of them found one, they would be given the reward of an extra $10 to shop with (so far my son had bought traps and and my daughter had bought a remote car!)
We were north of Chattanooga and traffic was going really slow. All the cars drive slowly by each yard sale deciding if they are worthy of pulling over and getting out in this extreme (100 degree) heat.
I saw it and literally jumped out of the (slow) moving car, my husband proceeded to find a place to park.
My day was complete...
And it was a good thing.
As we headed up the next mountain towards Chattanooga I turned to my husband and said " the car sounds like it is working too hard". No sooner than the words came out of my mouth, the air conditioner went dead and the temperature of the van went sky high. My husband said we had to pull over right away. The lord was watching over us, because the chances of there being a pull off on this monster mountain were slim, but there was one right there before us.
We made several calls trying to get a hold of a Honda dealership to no avail. Thankfully my husband (who works for Honda) knew enough about cars to get the car to to start and work again. At least to get us to his dads house hopefully. However, we couldn't use the air conditioner... Do you realize how much we take air conditioning for granted??? I do.
Now, I am old enough to remember life, and family vacations, without air conditioning. But living through this leg of our trip (in 100 degree weather) was almost more than I could bare. How did we do this way back when, I wondered??
Well after several long, hot, sweaty hours we made it to Aiken to my in-laws lovely home. It is absolutely beautiful here. And we are so thankful to have made it here!

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