Sunday, August 8, 2010

longest yard sale ...part two

So, we continued down route 127, stopping when we saw a sale that looked good. Some sales are just in someones front yard, some are in open fields where lots of dealers come together.
Some were off the road. We ventured off the road a few times but for the most part stayed on route 127.
The scenery still continued to amaze me. The cows here are beautiful, so different from ours back home. I am obsessed with
taking pictures of the cows in the field...
Another obsession I have lately is with blue ball jars and we found a dealer that had a boatload for sale - I bought half of them and
another man bought the other half as I was buying. (Wish I would have gotten them all!)

Crossville Tennesee was probably one of the best stops on the way for interesting antiques.
HGTV Camera crews were there filming.
Traffic was crazy there. This is the craziness you see on HGTV, but for the most part, traffic was OK the rest of the trip.

And you can find just about

anything on this trip...

lunch boxes, salt and peppers,
boots, chandeliers, lots of junk...
and of course....giant underwear!

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