Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Longest yard sale.... Part five (lifesaver)

While on our trip, mamma planned a little surprise for the kids.
I had been saving for a new ipad and I got it right before the trip. (I am an Apple addict) I hid it and planned to surprise them the first time they started whining "are we there yet?"
When the whining started, I asked them if they wanted to play roadside bingo (an app that I had previously downloaded.)
They said yes and I asked my son to get my "bingo case" out of the bag....
I think this picture says more than words can say and captures their excitement!
And it was a lifesaver for the whole family.
We downloaded books to read along the way. We had some math games to keep my daughter in practice (and to make fractions fun!) and it helped us when the car broke down to find help.
Loads of fun, highly recommend!

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  1. Oh man...NOW I'm really jealous. Longest Yard Sale AND an Ipad. No way. So enjoying your posts!