Monday, September 24, 2018

wedding venue!

French Hen Farm is an official Wedding Venue!

After many years of hosting weddings for neighbors, friends and family we are officially a wedding venue!  
When we built the barn we originally had planned on using the barn for the Christmas trees we had planted.  
We had visions of people coming out to the farm and cutting their tree.... 
We planted several thousand trees.  
Unfortunately there are only a few hundred that survived.  Mostly white pines.  Not the best Christmas trees!  

Then we planted pumpkins.  We planted about 45 varieties of heirloom pumpkins for several years.  A lot of work!  
We also have been having Barn Sales for many, many years.  We started with three a year.  Then 2.  Now we have one.  
My work kept me traveling... almost every single week I was somewhere.

So when a neighbor asked many years ago, if they could get married in the barn, we said sure!  Then a co worker, then a friend of a friend.... we were having quite a few weddings every year.  So we decided to maybe make it "a thing". 

And then this year I retired!  YEA!!

So we went through the proper channels and got zoning approval and are now "officially" a wedding venue!  
So if you are a bride, or know of a bride that is looking for a venue.... 
Give us a call!

In addition, we are starting a prop rental business! 
So brides will have access to all our wonderful vintage items.
Or if you are getting married somewhere else and don't want to purchase these kinds of things you can rent them!

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 photo grogan studio

 photo grogan studios

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photo asteria photography

Stay tuned for more updates.  (now that I'm retired I might be posting more!)