Monday, July 28, 2014

Farm to Table Delight!

I have been a bad blogger this summer, but our dinner we had last evening is worth getting back on my blog to talk about …
We met Chelsea  from Fox Hollow Farm at the Mt Vernon Farmers Market.  
We had stopped to get some sweet corn and stopped at her booth where she was selling organic grass fed meats.  
We chatted a while and she mentioned a Farmers Table dinner that they were having at their farm on Sunday night.  
Being at the lake this weekend for the first time with no guest AND no kids, we decided to try it.
We finished up the Farmers Market and walked through downtown Mt Vernon and uncovered a lot of amazing little surprises.  More about that later!
Sunday evening arrived, with all of its rain and thunder and lightning…  but the dinner was still on. 
We drove to  Fox Hollow Farm in Fredericktown.  Just a short drive from the lake.
We pulled down the long drive and we were met by Jesse.  
He was giving the other couples a tour of the farm.
Chelsea met us with a big smile.  
You could tell they are both living their dream!  
It was really nice to see :)
Chelsea and Jesse had two lovely college friends there helping them prepare the food and entertain the guests.
We started with gathering the flowers for the table centerpiece.  

We walked around the property cutting roses, wildflowers and weeds!  
Each couple making a beautiful bouquet for the table!
We were then taken to the field where we watched the cute cows get milked.
The kids enjoyed this!
Then it was time for dinner!  
We all gathered underneath a beautiful tent with garlics and herbs hanging from the rafters.  It was beautiful and rustic. 
The rain came down around us but we were now safe beneath the dinner tent.
All the food is grown and raised on their farm or by other local farmers and prepared by Chelsea and her friends.

The first course was delicious bbq chicken wings, followed by the most amazing pork slider on a brioche bun with clover and nasturtiums.  
Both were delicious!  
Then the main courses came out.  
All were soooo good….a cucumber tomato salad with feta, a potato salad. 

And roasted fennel and lamb ribs!  All were beautifully presented on vintage china.

The dishes were passed around family style and we chatted with the other two lovely couples we met this evening as well as our hosts.
The finale to the dinner was perhaps the best dessert I have ever had.
It was a homemade lemon lavender custard ice cream sandwich with fresh blueberry sauce and a sugar beet cookie. OMG.  it was AMAZING!

We didn't want the night to be over!
And when you left, they gave you a little piece of the farm to take home with you.  
Each couple took home the floral centerpieces they made.  Lovely touch!
If you get the chance you should look for Chelsea and Jesse from Fox Hollow Farm at the Farmers Market in Mount Vernon, Clintonville and Westerville, visit them online or book for the next dinner which will be in September.
Thank you Fox Hollow Farm for such a lovely evening!