Tuesday, November 25, 2014

a few more Holiday chalkboards...

Whipped up a few more chalkboards for Kims shop.  
If you havent had a chance to stop by her store this Holiday season , make sure you do!  She has some great pieces!  Uptown Antiques in Marysville!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Holiday Open House Uptown Antiques!

Our dear friend Kim from Uptown Antiques 
invited French Hen Farm to join her Holiday Open House!
She has an beautiful shop in Marysville filled with amazing pieces!
Here are some shots from Kim's shop Christmas transformation!
We spent the weekend filling it with a little holly jolly!

Hope you can make it.  This coming weekend.  
Uptown Antiques 
117 South Main Street, Marysville 
Nov 7 & 8
Friday 11-5, Saturday 10-4!

Lots of beautiful Holiday goodies! 

 Hope you can make it!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

chalkboard art

One of the things I did for the Holiday Open House was make some fun chalkboard art.

I started by digging through the barn for some old frames.
I thought I was going to spray paint some plywood or mdf, but hubby found pre made 2' x 4' sheets of chalkboard at Home Depot for $9.97.  I am always into taking some shortcuts!
So you will need a frame, pre made or make your own chalkboard, chalk, chalk markers, ruler, wipes, q tips, aqua net unscented hairspray, glazers points.
Start by printing off some artwork from the internet that you like (pinterest has some great ones).  

I then fold the paper into squares and then grid off my chalkboard accordingly with a light chalk line.  
This then becomes your guideline to hand drawing the artwork onto the board.

I will lightly draw out the placement of the artwork and words in chalk to make sure it is spaced correctly.  If not, simply erase and draw again.
I then take a chalk marker and begin my drawing.  Again, make a mistake, simply take a baby wipe or dampened q tip to erase...

When it is all done I will go through with a baby wipe and q tip and clean up all my lines,

I will set it aside to look from a far and make sure I don't have any changes.  
When I am finally done I will lay it on a towel and lightly spray it with unscented aqua net to set it.
Let it dry flat before you put it in the frame.
When done, use glazer points to secure it in the frame and you have wonderful Holiday artwork that can be changed out season after season!
Here are a couple more of what I did, all of these will be available at Kim's store, Uptown Antiques, in Marysville.  Her Holiday Open House is Nov 7 & 8.