Sunday, March 29, 2015

a little piece of local history

Anyone looking for a wonderful piece of history, this is it!
While cleaning out the barn this weekend, I came across this wonderful piece we bought at a local auction many years ago.
The auctioneer told us that this came from the old Mt Victory Post office.
It is a wonderful Postal cubby desk.
It is a wonderful piece to show off your collectibles.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

This Weekends Project

Here is a sneak peak at this weekends project.
We are cleaning out the barn getting ready for the May Sale.
This weekends project - workbench transformed to a wonderful island or bar.
Hubby and I worked on her all weekend.

This is how she started.  A very ugly beat up work bench.
Missing wood, missing hardware. Black and sloppy. 

Hubby replaced the missing wood.  He added a back.  
He sanded the top.  And sanded some more....
I stained the top and back...

Painted her up and found some complimentary hardware to match the couple of pieces she came with.
 And here is the finished project!