Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Market Weekend

So we just finished Summer Market again.  Here is what our booth looked like.  

There are a lot of really great vendors there.  It is a really nice show.

It was especially nice to see our friends Jeni and AJ from The Vintage Songbird and Carrin from Chic Unique.  They both had beautiful booths.

Friday was a great evening.  Lots of people showed up.  We got see see some old friends and meet some new ones!
We woke up Saturday morning for our second day and wouldn't you know it, the rain came in.  
Not nearly as bad as last year, but it sure dampened the day :(

But we had a lot of fun with my sisters and our friends!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Summer Market

We will be trying The Summer Market again this year.  
If you recall last year we were blown away by a huge monster storm that came in off the lake.  
My husband is not so thrilled about doing it again, but he has agreed to join my sisters and I up there, providing there is no rain in the forecast :)
It is a great show! Hope you can make it!

Friday, July 5, 2013

nieces wedding

As I mentioned, my niece got married a couple of weeks after our Spring Sale. 
It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding. 
 Here are some pics of the beautiful day.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

2 graduations,a wedding, and a funeral later

So you have heard of 4 weddings and a funeral... we have had 2 graduations, 1 wedding and a funeral since we had our barn sale in May.  It has been very, very busy here on the farm.
    The day after the Sale (which was Mothers Day)  we needed to clean out the whole barn.  Completely.  We had a wedding 2 weeks later.  My niece was getting married on our barn.  We need to clean it out that weekend because we had a funeral the following weekend we had to go to.  I will share some pictures from the wedding later.
    My son then graduated from high school the following weekend.  We had two graduation parties - one for him and one for him and his cousin a few weeks later.  Pictures of that to come later too!
    I wanted to take a moment and thank all the wonderful friends and family members that helped with our last Sale.  We had a wonderful time with all of you and we want to thank our wonderful customers who came out in the rain.  It was so great to see you all!
    My friend Brian took some amazing pictures from the Sale and I wanted to share them with you.  He is an amazing photographer