Sunday, January 29, 2017

new year makeover!

New year Make over!

One of the things I have been wanting to do since we moved in to this house 23 years ago is break a doorway through from one side of the house to the other.  
Our farmhouse is two separate houses joined together.  
The original brick farmhouse was built in 1850.
The addition was built on in 1913.
The is only one way into the front part of the house was through the doorway on the left and there was one room in particular that was always my favorite room but so far away we made it the kids play room.  
Then it became the workout room.... 
Then it became the catch all room. ... 
So we decided now is the time! 
Kids are grown and don't need a playroom.  I could finally get my pretty room!  
So we hired Andy (our barn builder) to break through to the other side.  It was quite complicated because we had to move an electrical box (which is now hidden and you can't see!)  Andy did an AMAZING job!!
Our family room space was originally 5 separate small rooms.  
We broke down those walls about 10+ years ago in that remodel.
So here is the finished product that I LOVE coming home to now!
So with a little paint, shiplap, some new furniture, new blinds, and repurposing what I already had,

I now have my dream house!  Finally!

 The amazing door has original gold lettering on it.  
Found in our friend Jim's barn!
Blinds from Lowes.

Farm prints from JBS Mercantile

Here is our office....
Beautiful Feather photography prints will be available at Spring Sale.  
From Barloga Studio.

Here is the pretty room that we broke through to! 
 I love it!
Pretty shaggy rug from Lowes!
Cool light fixture from Lowes.
Magnolia wreaths will be available at Spring Sale!
Vintage subway signs will be available at Spring Sale!

Here is our kitchen

Bar stools from World Market.
Lazy Susan's from hubby - will be available at Spring Sale.

 New chandelier over the island.
Island was a purchase from Scotts antique show many years ago.

 Got a steal on the rug.  Kittles was going out of business.
Most furniture from Arhaus warehouse sale, or antiques.