Friday, December 9, 2016

these are a few of my favorite things!

It's Christmas and it is time to make your holiday Christmas list!  

I am having a hard time making my list because I think I have everything I need!
So I started thinking about some of my favorite things so maybe you could come up with your own list!
Here are my top 10 favorite things this year (plus one bonus one because I couldn't narrow my last choice!)  Not in any particular order....

#1 -My iphone battery pack charger.  (this one actually is my #1)
I use my phone all day long for business – taking and sending pictures.  
My battery used to drain all the time.  With this battery pack I can go all day without a charge.  
I plug it in at night – then go for another day!
Great invention! $99

#2 -My pajamaGram Worlds Softest Pajamas.
My hubby bought these for me last year and when I unwrapped them I was like “huh?” 
They weren’t my style.  He said he had heard on the radio they were the world's softest pj’s and he thought they might help me sleep.  I put them in the box and probably didn’t get them out of the box for another week.  That night I slept oh so good!  I am now, a year later, the owner of 7 pair of these pj’s and as I drive home from work I can not WAIT to put them on!  I contacted the company and suggested they do them in a more sophisticated color and guess what - they did  a pretty grey! I love these! $69

#3 -My UGG slippers
So once I get my pj’s on, I then slip into my ugg slippers.  Heaven.
I love these!!  I would wear these to work if I could!

#4 -Adirondak fire starter
This is brilliant. 
I subscribe to The Grommet which is clever inventions. And this is amazing.  
I used to HATE starting a fire in our fireplace.  Kindling, newspaper, smoke, wood, smoke, fire alarm going off… ugh.
This little invention makes it so easy.  No kindling, no newspapers.  Just roll the ceramic wand in ashes and light it.  Instant fire.  LOVE this! $125  
Great gift!
or for this and hundreds of other great gift ideas
#5 -Blue Apron
This has CHANGED our world!  I can not tell you what a life changer this subscription has been for us.  Fresh meals, premeasured and delicious delivered to our door once a week.  We are eating healthy low cal delicious meals.  We started doing the meals for 4 over the summer, but once the kids went back to school we went for the meals for two – 3x a week.
You pick what kind of food you like.  Seafood, veggie, meat, etc.  You pick the day you want it delivered .  We chose Friday.  3 premeasured meals arrive at your door in a refridgerated box.
So I have to tell you.  9 times out of 10 when I see the recipe cards I'm like…
These are not things I would ever order in a restaurant.  But once you eat them they are delicious!!  They are fun to cook.  They are AMAZINGLY delicious!  I have been turned on to so many new things.  We were so boring and eating the same thing every week.
And the great thing is we have cut our grocery bill in about 1/3 AND we aren’t throwing away the tons of food we used to every week.  You only get the ingredients you need, so you don’t have all this left over stuff hanging around in your fridge not being used.  
Highly, highly, highly, highly recommend!  For you or for a gift for someone special.

#6 -Olukai flip flops
I live in these ALL summer long.  I discovered these several years ago when I was in Japan unknowingly walking around with a broken foot.  I stopped in Hawaii on the way home and discovered these flip flops.  They are based on your foot print in the sand and are the most supporting shoes I have ever worn.  I can do shows and walk for hours all day, day after day in these when other people are complaining about their  feet hurting.  I will wear these up until November if I can.  They are that comfortable! My favorites are the Ohanu.  $65 or many shoe stores now carry

# 7 - JJill leggings
These are a staple in my wardrobe.  Love these.  Great for travel,   
Great for work, Great for lounging.  Dress them up or work out in them. Never baggy.  
Super comfy. $39

#8 - Paper Source calendar
I carry this light weight calendar with me wherever I go.  I am old fashioned and still need to look at a calendar (versus my phone) to see my week.  Enough space to write what you need, but light weight enough to slip inot your bag.  $22.95

 # 9 - Lancome Definicils lengthening mascara
This is simply the best mascara out there. or any department store

#10 – is a tie between
My  diffusers & my new bag....

I love my diffusers and a few drops of essential oils.  (lavender or lemon grass)
They really make the home smell wonderful! $80

My Athleta back pack - this is currently my favorite purse.  It is light weight so it doesn't add any extra weight to my already heavy stuff. carry it with the back pack straps or regular handle.  Love it!

So there you have it!  That is my 2016 list of my favorite things.
What are your favorite things?