Tuesday, February 7, 2012

miss match

On our trip on the longest yard sale I came across a booth that was filled with old hardware.
Some of the prettiest ones, were singles, not pairs.  
They were so pretty I couldn't pass them up!  
I knew sooner or later I would figure out something to do with them!  And highlight their uniqueness!
For months I searched for a narrow dresser  and then I came upon a pair of these old pine dressers.
I took off the two drawer pulls and filled them in with wood putty and painted them a pretty cream color.  
A couple coats of wax and I added their jewelry onto them!

A pretty pair of dressers!


  1. Very nice! I really like that you used all different hardware. Last year in March while on vaction in Florida we happened across a booth at a market full of great vintage hardware, wish I was back there now! And I just adore pairs of matching dressers.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  2. Great idea! I am amazed how much they look alike now! The different hardware makes them very unique!~Hugs, Patti

  3. Very cute. I like that color. Is it chalk paint? You are such a busy person lately..

  4. Beautiful! Love the different hardware.

  5. Love it! When they are all different, they somehow suddenly match! And each one really is so pretty. :)