Wednesday, February 29, 2012

birthday baby!

My dear, sweet little niece turned 1 this weekend!  
My little sis threw a wonderful party for her!
She came dressed in a cute little pink tutu with her birthday hat.
The cake was so cute - covered with ruffle icing and with a little birdie on top!
My little sis made the cutest decorations! Pink balloons, little birds and birdhouses, tissue flowers.... So cute!
And I love any chance to get together with my mom and sisters!


  1. Just too darn adorable - all of you!!

  2. Oh ky much sweetness. How cute is that little neice of yours......a she has a little runny nose. She is adorable.
    I am in love with her cake.
    What a beautiful bunch of ladies and you all look familiar, hah.
    Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.

  3. I said "ahhhh" out loud while viewing your pics and reading about such a sweet happy birthday party.

  4. She's adorable! What a great photo of your mom & her girls. : )

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