Thursday, February 9, 2012

little french map

One of my gifts to myself this Christmas was having my vintage Paris map framed.
I have been lusting for months after the Paris map that Restoration has for sale for $1900.
I wanted it soooo bad.  I actually bought it.
I then came home and had buyers remorse. Big time!
What on earth was I thinking spending $1900 on a map!  But I LOVED it so much!!
Then I remembered this fold up map that I had from Paris.  
I also remembered some wonderful vintage HUGE frames I had purchased for $5 at an auction last Spring.  (a steal!)
hmmmm......  wonder if I put the two together if I could get the same feeling of the Restoration Hardware one I love so much....
Not exact, but still very stunning!
So I called Restoration and cancelled the map!  Whew!  That was close!!
You could use any type of fold out map.  
Sometimes the back of Paris tourist books have nice little fold out maps in them.  
Once you unfold them, mount them and frame them, they become a piece of art!  
We took it to Joanne's to have it professionally mounted and we noticed that this one doesn't have the Eiffle tower on it because it predates it!


  1. Whoa! $1900 for a map? Nice save! I like your idea much better and it looks amazingly similiar to me!~Hugs, Patti

  2. Seriously.....$ glad you canceled that. Love the idea though. I always like all your framed things in your bathroom at the barn.

  3. We have lusted after that too! Good call though going this route... so cool!!!

  4. This is great! I'm a new follower ~ love your blog!

  5. Might I add that your frame is a gajillion times more gorgeous than the RH one?! Well done! Now what are you gonna treat yourself to with that extra $1,875.00 buck you've got in your pocket? lol

  6. To me your map is much prettier than the one from Restoration Hardware. I agree with Tamra, the frame is incrediable.

    Elizabeth Ann