Sunday, October 24, 2010

my favorite pumpkin

We grow about 40+ varieties of heirloom pumpkins every year.  Orange ones, blue ones, white ones, lumpy ones, pretty ones and ugly ones.
Every year there is always one that catches each of our eyes and becomes "our favorite pumpkin"
Here is a picture of our 2010 picks for "favorite ones".
My husband brought this one to my attention and it receives the honor to be his favorite too. 
I especially like it because last year we planted several rows of these (blue hubbards) and not a one grew.  This year we had better luck with them.  Very pretty.
My kids, who usually want the biggest pumpkin in the field, were intrigued with the tiniest ones that they could find.  
We pull them out of the bunch to make sure they don't get sold!

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