Tuesday, October 26, 2010

more farm jewelry

Another thing that I like to play with in my jewelry is old optical lenses.  I bought a whole set at a flea market.  
I collect all kinds of old handwriting.  I love the beauty of handwriting from years ago.
My kids learned how to find four leaf clovers from a friend of mine.  They can now go out and find them right away.  
One day last summer I needed some to make this jewelry.  
I told the kids that I would pay them a dollar for each four leaf clover they could find.  
Thinking this challenge might cost me...... maybe twenty dollars.
In about a half hour my kids cam into the house with FISTFULS!  
I mean fistfuls... to the tune of 240 four leaf clovers!  
Not at all what I expected! 
I made a deal with them, so I had to follow through, but I got them to agree to put the most of the money into their savings account.
I put them into my jewelry to add a little luck to each piece!


  1. Wow! I love them! So unique and cool! I can't believe that the kids found that many four leaf clovers! Who would have thought! Are you going to sell any of those at your sale?~Hugs, Patti

  2. Wished I lived closer just discover your blog.. your barn & treasures look amazing!!!

  3. I really like these Linda!! Your kids must know a trick of some sort! I've looked and looked and have never found a four leaf clover!!