Monday, November 28, 2011

my favorite find this weekend

My sister and I had such a fun weekend.  We went to Scotts flea market Saturday morning and made plans to go to an auction that evening.
I went with one thing that I wanted to get.  I had viewed the auction on line and saw these WONDERFUL trophies.  
As you know we collect trophies and we love anything "farm"!
I had never seen trophies so wonderful as these. We have many loving cups, but these were trophies of a pig, a cow and an ear of corn!
I went to the auction with all intents of coming home with at least these three.
What I wasn't expecting, was the added bonus that we got!
We ended up getting all the trophies (6 in all), as well as the neck ties the gentleman who won the trophies wore when he won the trophies! 
How sweet that this collection was kept together after all these years!   (60 + years!)
I was glad that they didn't split them up at the auction!


  1. What fun to go to a flea market and auction with your sister...that's my idea of the perfect Saturday! I love the trophies you got; the pig and cow on top are just perefect for you "farm girls"...almost like folk art pieces. Love the ties too...totally funky... and agree that it is amazing that they were saved and kept together all these years. Great finds!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a haul! Love love love those trophies!