Saturday, September 17, 2011

decisions, decisions!

Too much happening this weekend.  We had to decide which to do first.  
Springfield Extravaganza or Country Living Fair.  
We chose to do Springfield Flea Market.  
And we are glad we did!  We got great stuff and had a blast!

Here is my little nieces first flea market.  
(We have to break her in early if she's going to be a French Hen Farm hand!)

One of our favorite booths of the day was Flown the Coop
It was happy and fun!  Great stuff!  
Nice meeting you ladies!
 I also really loved this pink piece I saw.  Wouldn't it be darling in a little girls bedroom?
My FAVORITE piece of the day was this cool seed bin.  
I didn't get it, but its the one thing I keep thinking about  :(
Notice on the far right side, my husbands hand checking the price tag.
What you don't see in this picture is his mouth telling me "no!"


  1. Your little neice is so cute. I went to the CL Fair today. iedidn't decide to go til the last minute as I was going with Sue and she couldn't make it. I meantt a couple sweet ladies as I walked in. We had so much fun. I can hardly walk now, not kidding, but it was a good time. I meant Carrie from Cash-n-Carrie from HGTV. I actually almost ran into her. I was so excited when I saw who it was. It was fun.

  2. You were busy this weekend! You really made the rounds. Now I wish I had gone...oh well, I have your barn sale to look forward to!~Hugs, Patti

  3. Well Hello
    I popped in from Debby's blog trail.. I din't see her in any of your pictures :) Nice blog I will return as i am now following you.. too.. I love country fairs and Country Living is one of my favorites.. I wish i could have bee there .
    Pop in & say hello at Blue sky Farm when you can'

  4. I didn't see that seed bin at the Springfield flea, but the booth you liked the best is one of the vendors in our store. I haven't seen her very often since she lives in Urbana, so it was a nice surprise to visit with her there. Lots of great things there, but fortunately I didn't buy too much.