Tuesday, September 13, 2011

black cat bad luck?

If you read my blog, you know how much I enjoyed the little kittens that a stray cat, who came to visit this winter, had in our garage this past summer.  
I so enjoyed watching these two kitties play all summer!  
We named them Fluffy Cat and Scaredy Cat. (for obvious reasons)
They are "teenagers" now!
We wanted to to get mamma fixed, but as soon as she had those kitties she got pregnant .....AGAIN!!!

This time, she had her babies the day we were leaving for vacation.  
We watched in amazement as she popped out four kittens but then had to leave to get on the road.  
She has been nursing them and moving them around the barn for the past few weeks.  
It wasn't until yesterday that we discovered that it wasn't four kittens she had that afternoon... but SEVEN! 
So now we have TEN black kitties!  I sure hope they don't bring us bad luck, because needless to say, having TEN kitties, they are crossing our paths every minute!
My niece just became a vet and she has agreed to give a "group price" on getting everyone fixed once they are ready!


  1. Don't know if you are keeping them....but I bet giving them to nice homes as "Halloween Black Cats" might be a great marketing way of doing it!!! LOL

  2. I agree! they arrived just in time to be Halloween Cats! That is so sweet of your niece to fix everyone asap! xoox

  3. Oh my word...they are so cute! Little fluffballs. We had a kitty like that once...her name was Boo-Kitty and she had kittens (back-to-back, like yours.) Finally, we were able to get her to the Humane Society to be fixed. Prolific...that's what our little farm kitties are around here :) Can't wait 'til the Oct. sale!

    By the way, no "special recipe" for the spaghetti sauce. I buy a pasta mix at Yutzy's Farm Market, crush up the tomatoes, simmer it all together, then freeze it. It's great stuff!

    Happy Autumn!

  4. What a lot of mouths to feed, but I bet they are loads of fun to watch. See you soon.