Sunday, September 18, 2011

country living fair

Yesterday we went to the Country Living Fair.  
It was packed, but we had alot of fun and spent way too much money! 
Loved these witch scarecrows!
One of our favorite booths was nifty thrifty dry goods.  
They had every color of ribbon, button and bauble.  
Amazing.  Spent way too much money there!
We also really loved willow nest farm.  
Beautiful vintage french things!
And of course the pumpkin hill!


  1. I went to the CL fair on Friday and had a ball !
    We could not believe how many fabulous vendors there were and the displays were wonderful :)
    So looking forward to your fall show !
    Enjoy this beautiful day !

  2. Ohhhh, I love the pumpkin hill, and the witch scarecrows too. I think I would have spent way too much money as well.

  3. Hi. I went yesterday as well. I think we were on opposite sides because I never saw those scarecrows. I did see the pumpkin hill. The cutest little boy went up and pulled a gourd from the bottom and ran over and gave it to his dad. Everyone around laughed and we all thought the same thing. It was really fun being there.

  4. I didn't go and I was in Columbus too. I had a big day in Springfield on Saturday and wanted to rest yesterday. I am enjoying seeing yours and others highlights of their visit. Fall is definitely in the air!~Hugs, Patti