Saturday, July 16, 2011

yard sale find

So, if anyone was wondering what I have been doing the past few weeks while recuperating. Here is the story....  
Once I felt good enough to get up and around, I was very limited in what I could and couldn't do. 
My dear hubby set up a wagon in the driveway.  He would put a chair out next to the wagon in the driveway.
He would pick a piece in the morning and put it up on the wagon.
If I felt up to it, my daughter and I would go outside a little everyday and we would sit and paint.  
What I couldn't reach from where I sat, my daughter would take over and paint. 
She has become a very good painter! (and a very good helper!)
My son would help us by moving the wagon around with the 4 wheeler.
This was the only way I kept from going stir crazy!
We have a whole barn full of yard sale junk we have accumulated over the years.

This one started real ugly, broken and wobbly.
But you have to look beyond the ugliness.  
When I brought this home this spring, my husband was like "what did you pay for that?!?"
But I thought she had pretty lines.  Pretty legs.  Nothing that a few coats of paint can't solve!

I used my french grey paint and some glaze on her.
Again the importance of jewelry.  I put a great big crackle ceramic knob on this piece to be a focal point.
I think the knob makes this piece!


  1. Very pretty Linda! I am getting excited about the chalk paint! I got an email telling me it had been shipped! Yippee! Btw, the little crackle knob is perfect!~Hugs, Patti

  2. I like the color and the knob. I can't wait to try the chalk paint.