Wednesday, March 2, 2011

tin roof ....Rusty!

This past year we had to replace the roof on our 161 year old farmhouse. 
The house had a tin roof, which I love.  I love hearing the rain on the roof when I sleep.  
But too many bad storms had blown through recently and we had snow literally coming in our attic!
So when we replaced it, we replaced it with tin ( or I guess its steel).  
My husband was going to throw the old roof away, but I told him not to, as I would surely come up with some idea on how to use it in the future.  
He took it to the back of our property along the tree line and stacked it, where it has nicely rusted.
So as I started setting up for the Spring sale I asked him to please retrieve me some of that tin roof.  
I am loving it so much!  It is such a cool look for walls.  
We will be selling some of it at the spring sale.
Isn't it lovely?!


  1. Yes it is lovely! I have always said I would love a store with a wall of old rusty corrugated roofing! And now you've given that to me!! Great idea! Great look!

  2. Six years ago I lived in my home state of Ky and we had one of those newer "tin" roofs put onto a house we renovated. I just loved hearing the raindrops hit it!

    I love the rusty tin look! I love the products you display and can hardly wait till your next sale!!♥

  3. I cannot wait for the next sale. Do you have a date yet? I'm in grad school and we have class on certain Saturday's and I'm just sure with my luck the sale will fall on a class day. Oh I hope not!!

  4. Yes, you have decided to have a Spring Sale. Sure hope it isn't on Spring Break. I don't want to miss this.

  5. It's a perfect backdrop for your things. Gorgeous!

  6. Holy Mole! That is perfect! Oh my...

  7. Can't wait to see everything put together Linda!!

    Ladies,I believe her sale will be Mother's Day weekend, so mark your calenders!!

  8. LOVE IT!...I am moving into a new space and I am adding a bit of some corrugated tin/metal myself :) it adds such texture and style I am in love. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  9. A 161 year old farmhouse? It definitely aged beautifully! It’s a great idea to replace the roof before bigger problems come up, and also for your farmhouse to lasts for a hundred years more ;-) Anyway, I always love recycling, but it never occurs to me to recycle a tin roof into a wall just like what you’d done. It’s very artistic and the rusty tin roof blends well with other accessories. Two thumbs for you!

    Noreen Mayweather