Sunday, March 6, 2011

before and after!

So, as I was plotting out my color stories for the upcoming Spring Sale.  
I decided that I want to paint furniture!  
Anything that hasn't sold in the last sale is getting a fresh coat, distressed, glazed chipped off, "new" finish!
So, when I decide to do something , I don't start small.  I dive in head first and do it big.  
Here is one of TWO carts of paint and glaze we purchased last weekend!
I sure do hope that I like this adventure.  
I think this could be a whole new thing for my hubby and I!  
If not, I will be selling a lot of paint on Craigslist!
Here is a before and after of a dutch chair that was very sad and forlorn looking. 
Now with a spring green finish!
Here is a before picture of a cute buffet. 
It had mirrors and was a boring wood.
We painted it black, distressed it, changed the knobs and here is the finished buffet...
I get my knobs at hobby lobby.  They have the BEST selection.  If you wait and watch the sunday ads, they have a 50% off sale every few weeks.  These knobs have script writing on them.  They really make a piece special!


  1. I just love these updates...especially the green chair. If I were a little closer, I'd but them all! A little paint and sandpaper, plus lots of hard work, made a huge difference in these pieces...nice job!
    Cheryl at My Sister's Cottage

  2. Your transformations are fantastic. I love the buffet.

    Happy Sunday! La

  3. How about some creamy white??? White is the new black???lol Dianntha

  4. I love that little lime green chair! that is a cutie! Great job! xo Caroline

  5. I love Hobby Lobby knobs and they are very reasonable. I just recently put one on my goodwill coffee table. I love your blog and I am a new follower:)