Sunday, March 20, 2011

painting fool...

So I have been painting every day.  And every night.
I have completed about a dozen pieces.  I am loving painting. 
I even get up before I leave for work every day and put a coat of poly on something, somewhere!
My house and barn are a wreck.  Newspaper, cans of paint, poly, brushes everywhere....
These are a few of my latest before and after pictures. 
Here is  what the piece looked like before - an ugly pine hutch that we found on craigslist. 
I painted it a pretty taupey grey color, distressed it, glazed it and gave it a couple coats of poly. I changed a couple of the knobs (yes, hobby lobby), but actually thought the old ones looked better on it after, than they did before.
I think she is beautiful now.  
I like her so much, I am not sure I can sell her.  
But our house has no wall space.  Too many windows. I have no where to put her :(
Here are a couple others I just finished !
This new adventure is a lot of work.
Degloss,  paint,  paint again,  sand,  glaze,  poly,  sand,  poly...
It takes about a week to complete a piece. But I love the results! 


  1. So gorgeous. Is that corner hutch for sale? I love it all :) Where are you in Ohio--I would love to come to one of your sales!

  2. Great pieces. I can't wait for your sale.

  3. Wonderful! I love the gray hutch!

  4. Gorgeous! Great technique you are using!! I always say we go through an awful lot of work to make something old look new by painting it and then old again by sanding and distressing it!! LOL!! Worth the effort though! I have been busy painting several pieces now that it has been warm!!

    Have a good week!


  5. OH MY you and I are living the same life !
    My house and garage and every inch of anywhere else I can put things are piled with finds waiting to go into the new shop for our open house ! CRAZY how much work it takes !!
    Your furniture looks wonderful I just love things painted gray :)
    Enjoy your Sunday !

  6. She turned out gorgeous.

    There are some things catching my eye that I know I am going to have to check out at the sale. :o)

  7. I will be there bright and early, once again, for the May sale, that's for sure! You've been a busy bee!
    :-) Sue

  8. Wow! You do amazing work!! That first one dropped my jaw along with all those pretty whites!!!

    Love your blog!
    I'm following along!
    Have a happy Monday!

  9. coveting that chandelier in the second pic. can't wait for the sale!

  10. I love the color on the pine hutch. Can you tell me the brand and color that you used. Looks like you used a greenish primer. I'm getting ready to paint an armoire and am loving the french gray, taupey colors. Thanks, Preppy from Bay