Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Photo Collages

Another fun project to do with your photos is create a photo collage using vintage photo mattes.
While I was looking for vintage photos, I started noticing how beautiful the mattes were that photos were put into many years ago.  Sometimes I wasn't crazy about the photo but I was in love with the mattes.  So again, a pile starting mounding until I came up with something to do with them.  I picked out some of the prettiest ones and set them aside.  If I could pull out the photos I would, if not I just glued right over them.  
I chose some photos of my own family and on the computer I changed them from color to black and white - or sepia tone if you choose.  I sized them to fit into the opening of these mattes then cut them into the right shapes.

Again, I used one of my many chippy frames and a piece of matte board.  I played around with layout and mounted the new/old photos onto the matte board to create a gallery of family photos that fit better in my homes decor.
You can cover with glass if you choose.


  1. What a great idea. You are so creative and such an inspiration!
    You need to have a spring barn sale ~ I can't wait until fall to come back and a spring sale would be so pretty. Please :)