Sunday, January 23, 2011

jewelry organizer

Here is another fun idea to do with old frames.  Create a beautiful framed jewelry organizer that looks like framed art!
Pick a frame that measures tall enough to hold your jewelry.  Depending on what you have, you can do one level or two.  You could hang necklaces from the top, bracelets from the bottom row, etc.
Once you have your frame.  Measure the back inside.  We cut a thin board just slightly smaller than these measurements to allow for covering with velvet.  About a 1/4 in smaller all around.
We then cover the board with velvet.  I like to keep the colors neutral, but you could choose something that goes with your home decor.  I use cotton velvets.
Pull the velvet tight and staple the back side.  Similar to when you recover a chair bottom.
Decide the placement of where your knobs are going to go.  For knobs I use vintage knobs.  You can also get a good selection of pretty knobs from Hobby Lobby.
With a small drill bit carefully drill through the front of the velvet through the board.
Stagger your knobs placement from the top to the bottom so longer necklaces can hang down between your bottom knobs.
Put knobs on and secure with a nut - you may want to cut off excess - or sometimes we cut a little extra block of wood to put on the back where the knob comes through for extra strength.
Insert your velvet covered knobbed board into the back of the frame and secure.

Hang on your wall, add your jewelry...instant art!
You now have a beautiful jewelry display, as well as a beautiful framed art piece. 
I have made these for gifts too!


  1. My daughter would love this idea..Now I will need to look for a frame...:)

  2. Great art AND a practical way to store your jewelry, Linda! ~ Sue

  3. Oh my goodness, I love your blog! Erin @ Like Grandma's sent me over for a visit.I'm also from Ohio and a blogger. Your barn sales sound wonderful.Now following you.

  4. Love these Linda!! You are definitely a jill of all trades and continue to impress me with all your abilities and creativity!!

    Have a good week!


  5. I love these! Saw them in just about every jewelry showroom in Atlanta last week. They are simply beautiful merchandisers and perfect for home too! I have some old frames I plan on glaming up for the store like this. Hope you're enjoying the New Year!