Thursday, November 18, 2010

craft day with pinecones

I continue to have have weekly craft days with my daughter.  Here is a batch of friendly snowmen we made up last week.
This summer we collected pinecones from under the pine trees so that we didn't run over them with the lawn mower.  I have been thinking of ways to use them.  We have glittered them and now we are making them into little snowmen.  My daughter has been naming them.
I'd like to introduce, from top left to right:
Fred, Ruby, Arlene,
Sparkles, Francine and Jolly.


  1. Too cute, my daughter would love these(we have an abundance of pine cones!)

  2. They're adorable and made me laugh!!

  3. Too cute. I think you should fashion an entire family with them! Looking forward to seeing you on Dec. 4th. I need another good shopping trip. Thanks for stopping by tonight, Linda. :-) Sue