Sunday, November 14, 2010

craft day - snowman bottles!

Another project my daughter and I worked on a while ago was taking bottles 
(remember - one of my obsessions - I just keep on buying them!) and making them into snowmen.  
Here are a few of the little guys.  This project was a lot of fun!
Fill your bottle with some snow, tinsel, pearls, anything sparkly. 
I used some of my old handwriting pages, ripped them and glue them on. You could use old music too. 
Sprinkle some iridescent glitter around the paper.
Top it off with either a styrofoam ball or a sculpy clay head.  
Twirl him all up with a button hat and a tinsel scarf and you have a snowman family ready for your mantle!
Stay tuned for more fun with bottles.  I have so many bottles I have to keep coming up with craft day projects to use them in!


  1. hello there, I am your newest follower! Several of my girlfriends and I found your blog over the Holiday and made these sweet snowman! So cute it was the first time I had ever worked with paper clay! Thank you for sharing!!! I will treasure mine always! I have an Etsy shop called Birds Eye View, I make tags, I hope you'll stop by for a visit! Happy crafting!! ♥