Saturday, November 13, 2010

Auction fun!

My sister came down this past weekend with her load from the last few auctions that she has been to, And boy does she have some neat stuff!!  

It is always amazing what you can find at auctions.  
You get to almost know the people that are selling their wares.  
My sister found this GIANT box FILLED with sock monkeys a lady had made.  Crazy!  I have never seen so many sock monkeys!  
They used to scare me, but these guys are hilarious!
We are so excited!  Santa's workshop is filling up!
We know that when WE get excited, and say that this is a sale that WE would love to shop at, that hopefully our customers will be excited too!

 We have a lot of fun, fun, fun stuff... And, my friends still have their loads to bring out too!!


  1. Oh my word! I LOVE sock monkeys! These look especially cute. You ladies find the best stuff!

  2. My son loves sock monkeys. Last year for his 20th birthday, I had the bakery decorate his cake with a sock monkey. :o)

    I love auctions!