Tuesday, December 4, 2012

barn light!

The barn is lit, the tent is up, the wreath is hung, the barn is bursting with goodies....


  1. LOVE it French Hen Farm! You guys are one of the ones who inspired us to do our own Barn Sales in our bank barn in Pennsylvania. would love to come out and visit one of yours someday! Looks so Christmasy!

    1. That is such a nice thing to hear! Thank you so much for sharing that!
      We would LOVE to come visit your place too.
      Your blog and sales look wonderful!
      Happy Holidays and best of luck to you on your sale!

  2. Linda, I only wish that you would be opening on Friday morning, as you have in the past. It makes it more difficult for us out-of-towners to visit when we have a 2-3 hour drive back home at night. :-( I will miss seeing all of your holiday goodness....

    1. So sorry Sue,
      We will be open on Saturday all day though! And we will be restocking friday night!
      In the past we only did a one day Holiday event, so we thought it might be nice to open for a couple hours the evening before.
      Would love to see you Saturday if you can make it.
      If not we will miss you ....Have a wonderful Holiday!

  3. Your barn looks so inviting... Ciao for now

  4. Love this barn !! I long to have one soon !! Looks like a great sale !

    Robyn Smyles
    Home ~ Haven