Thursday, April 26, 2012

young entrepreneurs - local pen artist

As I mentioned before, I love supporting young entrepreneurs and local artists.
In the past I have sold some beautiful pens from Brody, a 15 year old neighbor.
He and his dad make these beautiful pens out of the most interesting materials- 
coffee beans, exotic woods, cereal, yes cereal!  They are amazing!
Here is a sampling of what he has to offer.  
He will be selling his beautiful pens at our sale in May.
Come support local and help this young entrepreneur!

This picture from left to right are:
silver lava, coffee beans (yes, coffee beans!), orange died buckeye burl and shredded wheat! 
Gorgeous aren't they?

They make wonderful gifts for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, graduation, or just a special gift for you!

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  1. Wow-Those ARE gorgeous. Who knew you could make them out of some of those materials?! xo Diana