Friday, April 27, 2012

these are a few of my favorite (french) things....

This sale we will be offering a few of my favorite french things.  
These are the things that I always love to bring back as souvenirs for my friends and family!
I like to bring the best tastes from my travels back to my friends and family.
Starting the morning with Very Strawberry Jam.  
This is a  delicious way to start the day!  Extra fruity sweetened the old way with sugar cane.  Imported from France for your breakfast table!
This makes a wonderful gift!
The second treat is the best mustard on the planet!  
Traditional , original Dijon mustard.  the best for salad dressing (and spring salads are right around the corner!) 
Imported from France, all natural, no artificial flavoring.  Delicious!

The last item is my absolute FAVORITE thing to bring back!  
Fleur De Sel - translation "Flower of Salt"
All natural sea salt.  Sometimes it is the little additions that make a meal memorable!  
This salt reveals the taste and texture of any dish it accompanies.
Hand harvested, imported from France, it is an all natural alternative to table salt, a natural source of minerals.  
A wonderful gift for the chef in the house.  
Sprinkle over meat, fish, vegetables, salad.
All three are wonderful gifts for moms special day and will be available at the Sale!

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  1. How delightful!!! Wish I could be at the sale!!
    Hope your weekend is fabulous!