Wednesday, August 24, 2011

pretty sleigh bed

Here is another redo ...
This was a sleigh bed that we bought at an auction.  
It was very beat up.
I decided to make it more modern and to paint it black.

We used a soft black paint and slightly distressed it.  Finished her with a couple coats of poly.  
She is ready to be slept in again!


  1. I've had a beautiful sleigh bed in my garage all summer that I was going to paint black. Wish I had seen your post for inspiration before I sold it last weekend at my yard sale. It is in very good shape and really doesn't even need any paint, but I thought the black would make it more desireable. But every time I looked at it, I just felt more tired. Now it lives at my neighbor's house next door, so it has a really good home.

  2. Oh Linda, that turned out fantastic! What a transformation! I love the pillow fabric with the script on it....I need to find fabric like that. Great looking piece!~Hugs, Patti

  3. It looks so nice painted black. Those pillows are perfect.

  4. Wow this is gorgeous! Stop by and link up if you have time. Mary