Tuesday, August 9, 2011

bras, chickens and tennis shoes...longest yard sale

So, for those of you who think the longest yard sale is endless wonderful deals of great antiques....well...
you have to dig though a lot of junk to find any good stuff!!!
Here are some of the funniest, craziest things we saw along the way...
Bras for $5.  Would you EVER buy a bra at a yard sale?!  I like the happy faces in the 00's!
Chickens...  how would you like to take them along the journey with you?  
Don't get me wrong... 
I am a chicken lover, and they had some real pretty ones I would have loved to have gotten,
but don't think I would buy any along the way! 
My husband would divorce me!
My all time favorite is the field of used tennis shoes!! 
Hundreds of them!! 
Where did they all come from?!?  
I wouldn't want to drive in the truck that hauled all these! 

Sometimes you have to dig through a lot of junk to get to the good stuff!  
Miles and miles and miles of junk.... 
But of course... that is the fun of it - the thrill of the hunt!!!


  1. So funny.
    No, I wouldn't want to take them along for the ride, either.

  2. Linda that is too funny! Bras and chickens(even though they looked so sweet) and hundreds of old sneakers.....amazing the things people will sell!~Hugs, Patti