Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the pickle!

The tree is decorated, the presents are wrapped.  Its time for the pickle to get unpacked...
On christmas eve, after the kids go to bed, while the kids are sleeping, we hide the pickle in the tree.  
The pickle is an old german tradition.  You hide the pickle in the tree.  The person that finds the pickle in the tree gets a little extra present that year. 
Of course, I never know who will find the pickle, so I have to buy an extra present for everyone, or sometimes I make it a present that the whole family can enjoy!

A couple years ago, when I was I in Germany, I bought both my kids a set of pickles, or Weihnachtsgurke, for when they are old enough to have their own trees.  
This set has three different sizes of pickles.  
As the children get older, the pickle gets smaller - so it is harder to find in the tree!  

It always happens the same way every year....  The presents get torn apart.  They play with those toys.  
....Then they remember they have stockings! 
Then there is another pause after the stockings are emptied!   
....Then they remember the pickle!!  Oh what fun they have trying to be the first to find the pickle!
I haven't decided what this years gift will be yet....hmmmmmm....


  1. We have a pickle on our tree as well. Merry Christmas! La

  2. Well that sounds like a very fun tradition! Such memories your kids will always have! I love that you bought them their own pickles for when they are grown ups!

  3. No pickle in any of my trees this year. It is packed away with the decorations for the giant 12-footer that didn't get put up this year. How fun that you have this tradition with your kids, Linda! Those little suckers can be hard to find... Have a very Merry Christmas!! ~ Sue