Tuesday, December 7, 2010

and a couple more shots

 we had a great crowd... here is a shot from inside the window.  thank you to all who came out!
 the girls like to get dressed up in their party clothes...crinolines, pine skirts, frenched...

 even Bessie dresses up.  She put on her santa hat and an evergreen wreath....

These were some pine cones we collected at my husbands dads house this summer.  
Funny story.  As we worked our way down the longest yard sale, I bought some of these pinecones. 
I thought they were amazing!  So big!  What a statement they would make!!
When we got to my father in laws and unloaded all our goodies we had purchased along the way...he looked at what all I bought he laughed when he saw these pinecones.  
He said "We burn those as trash..."  I looked around me and I was surrounded by trees full of these wonderful huge pine cones! 
I went out every morning before it got too warm and collected them to bring them back up north!
 We were able to find some more hands!  And we did up some more ironstone plates with fun holiday words.  These are so much fun!!


  1. OH this looks like such a fabulous sale...so much eye candy and inspiration! I would love to have been there! Hopped over from House of Hawthornes...I am a new follower!

  2. It must be a fabulous feeling to have such a great crowd. As I look at your pictures, I see a lot of items that must have sold before I got there at 9:30. Amazing!

  3. I was just at the Sullivan & Murphy site. I LOVE the moss wreath she purchased from you and I was wondering if you had any more?

    - The Tablescaper