Sunday, March 2, 2014

new years organization and file cabinet redo!

I had been looking forever for a small set of file cabinets to fit into my office space.
Over the Holidays I began my massive reorganization and filing a years worth of paper.
I needed something fast to put my piles away in.
After not finding anything, I came across these bright colored files at my favorite Hobby Lobby store.  
They would not work in my home in their current state….however...
I thought I could possibly make these work.
I took some black paint and a stencil and now they work much better in my home than in their red, green and blue color way!
Always look at the Hobby Lobby sale section.  You can find some great deals!


  1. Hobby Lobby is good at duplicating vintage/antique items. They are usually cheaper than the real thing . They seem to know what's in and what we are looking for. Love the lockers.

  2. Great makeover! You did a wonderful job - you'd never know they were a different color.

  3. What a great idea! We bought some used filing cabinets from Blockbuster when our local store closed but they are ugly! This is great!

  4. The transformation of this file cabinet is amazing! You gave that old multi-colored cabinet a very vintage feel. Just my type! I'll definitely take your tip into mind next time I'm in the store. Maybe I'll find a good bargain myself!

    Ruby @ Williams Data Management