Sunday, February 23, 2014

a very busy fall….but we are back!

So we have not been very good bloggers…. and I know we disappointed many of of our followers by not having our Fall sale.
It was especially hard after being blessed and receiving wonderful publicity like this in 
The Columbus Monthly Home & Garden Magazine!

We had a lot going on this past Fall!

My son started college... Very sad for me to say goodbye :(

My daughter started high school… My, we are getting old! :(

I started a new job that takes me to New York almost every week...

My hubby had to have knee replacement surgery on BOTH knees!..

And my little sister just had a beautiful baby girl!  :)

And as you know, my hubby and my sisters are a HUGE part of FHF.

So having the Fall sale was just too much for us to do.

So with that all said and done, we ARE planning on having our Spring sale!
It still will be difficult because I am still traveling, hubby is still rehabbing, little sis now has two little ones, but we are shooting for having a sale this May.
May 9 & 10!
My hubby wants the barn cleaned out, so we have quite an assortment of goodies!
Hope you are all staying warm this winter!  It has been a crazy one!


  1. So good to see you! I've been a faithful FHF Barn sale gal for years, featuring my haul on my blog! Looking forward to May!

  2. Yeah. Your back. I have missed you. Glad to hear of your spring sale. You are a busy family.

  3. I have missed your barn sale!! So glad your back in action!!