Wednesday, October 17, 2012

lake house redo...on the cheap!

 I told you I would share with you how we did our lake cottage on the cheap.  
So here it is...

Lake house on a budget...
Starting with a clean slate....
I picked a neutral color story of greys, creams, whites and naturals.... appropriate for a lake house and very easy to design into.

Starting with the Family Room- before...
Our one splurge -  was the couch and ottoman, which we found at Ashley furniture.  
This was really the only furniture we bought new. 
Almost everything else was either a yard sale, flea market or craigslist find or a very cheap find as I was working on a very small budget.
The butterfly chair is from Walmart $16.88. 
I took one of the pillows from couch to tie it in and make it look like part of the set.
The light is one of my husbands creations from a vintage tripod topped off with a Walmart lampshade.
Photos were printed off my printer and put into Ikea frames.
Another butterfly chair and some old suitcases from a flea market stacked to make an end table.

on to my Sons room-
Bed came with the house:)  
When negotiating, we asked for quite a few things and we got everything from the furniture to appliances to lawnmowers and the fooseball table!  
It never hurts to ask!  All they can say is no, and in our case they said yes!
Bedding from West Elm on sale, with a couple of Target pillows.
Vintage sign from French Hen Farm Sale
Lenda Curtains from Ikea $20 for pair!

on to my Daughters bedroom- (or Aunt Becky and Grandma's room!)
Headboards from JCP.  Saved money by not buying the footboards, just headboards.
Bedding and pillows from Ikea. 
Quilts that I bought at an auction years ago worked perfectly in this room (a lot of my things were items that I bought many years ago, but just could never part with and now have found new uses... I told my hubby it was a good thing I am a pack rat! lol!)
Bedskirts Target.
Artwork, little metal desk and suitcases - auction and flea market finds.
Vintage light one of my husbands rewire projects.

Dining room-
Farmhand table found at flea market years ago, dug it out of the barn to reuse it again.
Chairs - auction find - painted them all the same color for a cohesive look.  
You can take mis- match chairs and make them look like a set by doing this.
Stenciled galvanized bucket.
Curtains -Ikea Lenda $20 pair!
Plates - Big Lots with a 20% off coupon!
Sign - French Hen Farm sale

Master bedroom
Sleigh bed - Craigslist deal!  
Bedding - Ikea
Stripe pillows - Target
Stole the other pillows from our other bed, I like them better here!
Calligraphy artwork - flea market find, framed in cheap Walmart frames
Curtains Target

now down to the Basement...
Sectional sofa - found on Craigslist (the people had misjudged the size of their space, their loss our gain!!:)
Great for kids friends to sleep on!
Pillows to tie everything together - Ikea
Old farm tractor augers found at flea market,  filled with flowers for a new look.
Fooseball table - came with the house!
Barcelona Chairs - got these in the late 70's - dug them out of the barn!
Futon sofa that matched barcelona chairs- Walmart on sale- another spare bed for kids friends to sleep on.
Round table (with 2 leaves) - found at yard sale for $30, painted black.
Chairs - found at auction, recovered with feed sacks.
Clock - found at flea market from my friend Carrin at Chic Unique!
Curtains came with house.
Pig chalkboard - French Hen Farm Sale

It's not very fancy.  It's very minimal (I love not having clutter!)  but we love it!
I keep adding a little every time that we go. 
Came in way under my budget by recycling, repurposing, painting and bargain shopping!
So there you have it ....Lake house redo ....on the cheap!


  1. You have such a fabulous sense of style!! I cannot wait to come to Ohio for one of your family barn sales. I found The French Hen Farm when I was updating my Etsy page. I have a tiny vintage booth in Rockville, IN called The French Hen. I wanted my Etsy shop to be the same, but chose "Le French Hen" instead. I love my new venture into Vintage and collectibles, so everything you guys post is total eye-candy to me. Best regards!!

  2. Some great ideas, love the old wooden table in the dining area and the tractor parts for flower pots!

    what house