Thursday, January 26, 2012

out of the closet...

Another room that got a makeover in efforts to "declutter", was our laundry room and closet.
It was the doored closets that inspired us to head to Ikea to begin with.  
(We ended up bringing home a whole lot more though!)
We had several closet companies come over and give us a quote and they were FIVE times what we paid for from Ikea!
Here are some before and afters...
from messy and cluttered to neat and clean!!

 so much nicer and cleaner!


  1. This is so very clean and tidy, Linda! I love seeing the Ikea displays for kitchens and closets. In fact, I think a trip of my own might be in order. :-)

  2. I love IKEA! They have so many ideas for storage and the displays are always so great to see. I love how you got organized with them! Thanks for the paint info, again, the other night!~Hugs, Patti