Sunday, October 9, 2011

So many thanks!

So many, many thanks to everyone that came out and visited the farm this weekend!
The weather was perfect and we had such a wonderful time seeing you all.
First, I want to thank my wonderful dear friends and family who helped us this weekend. 
We could not do it without you.  We love you!
And to our wonderful, wonderful customers... thank you so very much.  
We so love seeing our friends and we love making new ones.  We have met so many wonderful people through these sales, and that is what we look forward to the most!
We all love talking to you and getting to know you.  
Special thanks to all of you who came during the Friday morning rush and were so patient waiting in line!  
We thought having three cashiers would fix that, but we will bump it up to five next time!!

Here are a few pics from the sale. 
Thank you all for making it a great weekend!!


  1. It was fun. Thanks for having these sales. I will look forward to your Christmas sale......and the extra cashiers, hah.

  2. Oh my! That black and white area is calling my name!! Soooo wish I could have joined the fun!

  3. Beautiful and inspiring. I love that apron!

  4. What a great looking sale. I wish we had barn sales around here. Looks like so much fun.